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Feel Good Story Time: Meet Taverna's Head Chef, Caio!

Flower Guru

Today's PLB Group Feel Good Story is about Taverna's head chef Caio

Caio, is our Head Chef at Taverna (now closed), pulled the me aside at the group wide meeting where we were standing down 130 staff, and said “I will work at the dish hand rate of $21/hr” he also said “I will do whatever it takes!” This guy has always worked like 2 men, and now he works at half rate of one man! You can’t help but tear up when your team will do this for you.

PLB Group is not walls and buildings, food or service, it is people like Caio and the rest of the legends at PLB Group that make this company. Humans, good people, hard-working people, just like the other members of the community, and we will survive because of them and for them!


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